Instant Voice Technology

Instant Voice is a patented system that allows patients who have temporarily lost their ability to speak due to intubation, tracheotomy, stroke, surgery or other causes to be able to fully communicate with their doctors, nurses, caregivers, family and friends!

Over eight million patients each year in the US alone, "Temporarily" lose their ability to speak Five million of these patients are in intensive care units (ICUs) due in large part to the presence of artificial airways and assisted ventilation, (i.e., mechanical ventilation). Communication ability may be further impaired during critical illness by sedation, fatigue, delirium, or neurological disease. Communication difficulty is the most commonly reported distressing symptom for ICU patients.

Patients receiving mechanical ventilation experience anxiety, panic, anger, frustration, sleeplessness, and distress. Nurses also report frustration when patients are unable to verbally report their symptoms, pain levels, and needs. (2006 by the Society of Critical Care Medicine and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) These are the problems that Rose Medical Systems, Inc. and the Instant Voice​ system addresses.

Documentary film at Sharp Coronado Hospital, SD